Do I Have a Virus?

Do you think you may have a virus? Here are a few signs that you may in fact have viruses or malware on your computer:

  1. Your computer does things without your interaction. Windows may pop up on your screen when you aren’t even touching your computer. This is a sign of a virus.
  2. Unknown security software launches and tells you that you have viruses. Typically they will want to scan your computer, and then they want you to pay $x.xx to fix the infection. This is a sign of a virus, and paying them will not fix your problem. Do not enter any credit card information if you get this type of popup.
  3. Clicking a link on the internet takes you to a site other than where you intended to go. These are termed "Re-Direct" viruses. They will take you to sites you probably do not want to visit.
  4. Your computer has slowed down significantly. Viruses are programs, and they use your system resources. They can have a dramatic effect on the overall speed of your computer.
  5. Programs close automatically when you are using them, or programs will not open at all.
  6. You have suddenly lost internet access. Some viruses will alter your internet settings so that you cannot get online to remove them.
  7. Your computer runs just fine while not online, but slows dramatically when you plug in your Ethernet connection.
  8. Your desktop icons have changed in size or your desktop has a different background than normal.

These are a few of the typical signs you have a virus on your computer, but there are many more symptoms depending on the type of infection. It is important to have anti-virus software on your computer, and just as important is to keep that software up to date.

If you do have any of these symptoms, and your current anti-virus cannot fix your problem, take it to a local computer repair shop that performs virus removal.